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About Us

In this page you’ll learn more about the Who, the What, the Why, and How I came about with iPropertyFan.

My name is Ian Fan. I graduated with a degree in Marketing & Management. Very much related to my degree was my first job was as Management Trainee in an advertising company. Then I made a drastically extreme 360 degree move for my next employment. My second job was as an Editor in a publishing house. Once again, I made another drastically extreme 360 degree move to do my own business as a real estate agent.


Upon entering the real estate industry, people ask me: “So… Why did you become a real estate agent?” (which I still do get asked till today). My answer, like most people, are:

  • Flexibility

  • Money

  • Experience

More so for me was experience, which I’ve come to learn that real estate is more than an open door, close door sales job of properties. Real estate is a 360 degree property business, which I’ll elaborate further in an exclusive post. Stay tuned for it.

All-in-all, my degree in marketing & management, my first job in an advertising company, and my second job as an Editor proved very relevant in my real estate career. I’m equipped with knowledge in marketing & management, experience in advertising & promotions, and skill in editing and writing.


IQI is an established and reputable real estate agency with proven excellence in Malaysia. To date, IQI has 1000 over real estate negotiators and agents in more than 8 branches nation-wide.


As for me, iPropertyFan, I’m a senior real estate negotiator based in IQI Realty Sdn Bhd (HQ).

I’m a fan of properties, thereby making me a property-ian; so the nickname iPropertyFan. I help my clients buy, sell, or rent out their properties in the residential, commercial, industrial, and agriculture industries.

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